Hiiii everyone! So I’m going to share a little bit about my hair, since I’ve gotten a few request! I go to the absolute best hair salon with the best stylist in all of Atlanta (I may be a little biased). My hair stylists name is Caity-Jane and she always makes my hair look AMAZING. The salon is an Aveda based salon and I don’t know a lot about all of that but I do know that my color has never stayed vibrant as long anywhere else. Here is some pictures of the first appointment I had allll the way to the most current, last Saturday, January 12! In the first pic I was pretty much a hair-color-virgin! I think my hair had gotten highlights maybe once or twice, but it was so grown out that it might as well have been all natural! That is when I became obsessed! The balayage definitely allows for good looking growth. Whereas the highlights I had gotten before had the ugliest growth line ever and turned yellowish before long. So glad people aren’t into highlights as much anymore lol. My balayage usually will last about 12 weeks for my preference until I make another appointment! I am also going to link the shampoo/conditioner I use. shampoo&conditioner It keeps the brass out and keeps the color in! I definitely recommend Caity-Jane and Salon Fifth and Mae if you’re ever in Atlanta! Xoxo

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